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  • Before cooking, firmly envision the final dish, and cook with that in your mind. This is the same for thick-sliced steak, shabu-shabu, as well as curry.

  • Whether raw or cooked, always cut with a sharp knife. Otherwise the pipe-like connective fibers of the meat will be broken, and your umami and enjoyment will escape.

  • As a pre-cooking routine, thoroughly clean cutting boards, knives, and other utensils that come into direct contact with the meat.

  • For steaks with a thickness of 3 cm or more, it is recommended to bring them close to room temperature before cooking. Otherwise, the unfortunate result will be a rather convincing charred surface, with the inside being disappointingly cold.

  • If the cut is 3 cm or less, you can take it out of the refrigerator and grill it as is. If you like your meat cooked rare, grilling it right out of the refrigerator will prevent you from over grilling and you will have more control over its doneness.

  • What do you think and feel while cooking? Know that this has a great impact on the taste of the finished dish as well as for who gets to enjoy it.

  • Don't be afraid to fail. You may think you have wasted the meat, but a few mistakes will make you a better chef. That failure will often lead to unexpected discoveries as well.

  • Try to realize the value of the meat without relying on its brand, ratings, packaging, reputation or price.

  • Know the right amount of meat for you. That being said, test your boundaries once in a while with quality meat to keep your digestive tract strong and happy.

  • The varying flavors of different Eskomeat cuts should be enjoyed with minimum seasoning. In it you will find surprises, discoveries, and joy. And after you eat, see how your mind and body feels - you will surely feel a difference from the normal meat you consume.

  • Even for a second, one must revere and give thanks to the lives of the animals that were born to feed us. Their flesh and blood connects to our future, so each bite should be preciously appreciated.

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