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~ When I eat meat, my stomach feels heavy.

~ I have a hard time consuming well marbled beef lately

~ Because of my age, I have started preferring leaner meat.

~ I want to choose something that is properly healthy for myself and my family.

For those with these sentiments, we invite you to try our specially selected meats .....and feel its joyful impact.


Craftily selected cuts can be immediately vacuum packed and flash frozen to deliver fresh quality meats nationwide.


​About Eskomeat

Beef sold at Eskomeat are all Japanese Black heifers with one common trait: they are not given any medications such as antibiotics or growth hormones for fattening. Moreover, our singular condition for selling our beef and our promise, is that the meat is extremely delicious. We purchase only heifers that we are satisfied with from our favorite producers. We buy half a heifer at a time and the rib roast and sirloin are cut off of the bones here at the shop. All other parts are aged, cut and sold at the best timing.


Our trusted producers ignore the immense risks and losses of raising cattle without antibiotics, and continue to research and learn on the ways to raise cattle so that we can feed our loved ones with safe and delicious meat. This courage and will is clearly reflected in the taste, texture and aroma of the meat, and once you taste it, you will understand.

It is this beef that we have selected and believe in that we bring to our customers in the shop, catering to their desired cuts. Meat starts deteriorating with oxidation once it is cut, so timing is critical in how we deliver our meat to our customers.


Beyond being a butcher, we believe that our encounters with all manners of life must revolve around gratitude and joy, purity and harmony. In honoring the life that was born to feed us humans, we must connect the livestock producers and meat-related businesses with their customers and communities, so that we may all enrich our lives with prosperity and happiness . In doing so, we believe we will be able to continue delivering quality products to our customers.


The age of choosing meat by brand or a grading system is over.


Owner Shigeo Kobayashi


Beyond the antibiotics found in many livestock meats eaten in Japan today, it is important and necesary for consumers to be able to determine and understand the safety of all that we eat. Our daily food is directly linked to the present and future health of ourselves and our family. We should be able to choose what we consume without being confused by price, brand, or appearance.


Before cooking, firmly envision the final dish, and cook with that in your mind. This is the same for thick-sliced steak, shabu-shabu, as well as curry.



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