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The red meat on the inside of the scapula, where only about 1 to 2 kg can be taken from one head.  

On the forefoot side, where the specific weight is easily applied, the amount of exercise is large, muscles are easy to develop, streaks and mucous membranes are large, and there are many extracts and gelatinous substances, and it has a good texture and a melting taste. I like Tsu because the texture and impression change depending on the thickness of the meat, the degree of baking and the seasoning.  

Gunma Prefecture Masuda Wagyu Beef Top Blade - Yakiniku Cut

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  • How to eat If you put a fire on one side and a quick fire on the other side, the sweetness of the sashimi spreads in your mouth along with the aroma and you will be filled with happiness.  

    Infinite rice with salt, wasabi salt and sweet sauce 

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