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The Birth of Eskomeat Chojamaru Meat Shop

I am the owner of Eskomeat, Shigeo Kobayashi.

Here, I would like to share my encounters with the meat we handle at Eskomeat and the dedication behind it.

First encounter with Masuda Wagyu

The first time I encountered Masuda Wagyu was when I visited the Yokote-kan in Ikaho Onsen, owned by a friend. As a part of the dinner, a few slices of Masuda Wagyu were served, and the moment I tasted it, I was amazed by how delicious it was.

"What is this beef?"

"It doesn't make me feel heavy, and I could eat it endlessly."

With those thoughts in mind, I couldn't stop myself. Before I knew it, I was standing in front of Masuda Livestock in Misato-machi, Gunma Prefecture, where Masuda Wagyu is raised.

There, I learned the "secret of its deliciousness"

The Secret of the Deliciousness of Masuda Wagyu

The "secret of its deliciousness" I learned from Mr. Masuda, the breeder of Masuda Wagyu, was that it is raised "without the use of antibiotics." The more I understood how challenging it is to avoid antibiotics in livestock farming and how dependent modern livestock farming is on antibiotics, the more I felt the need to make both the antibiotic issue and the incredibly delicious Masuda Wagyu known to the world.

Opening of Eskomeat

With this in mind, I immediately took action. I jumped into the Tokyo Metropolitan Wholesale Meat Market and a yakiniku restaurant to learn about beef handling and meat selection methods. However, as a novice, I was only allowed to do cardboard assembly work amidst seasoned artisans. Thinking that this wouldn't be a proper learning experience, I ventured into auction houses and the workshops of artisans, observed their work, and tirelessly handled discarded meat.

At first, I was scolded for doing things on my own, but as I persisted, they began to let me handle minced meat, and eventually, I was working with huge chunks of meat.

Finally, in June 2020, I opened Eskomeat, a meat shop in Shirokanedai.

Commitment to Antibiotic-Free Meat

I am deeply concerned about the current use of antibiotics in livestock farming from an economic perspective and the impact of antibiotics on human health.

Antibiotics that should be used for treatment are being used for prevention and growth promotion. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria develop in the bodies of livestock through the ingestion of antibiotics in their feed, posing a risk of transmission to humans when consuming their meat.

When antibiotic-resistant bacteria increase in the human body, antibiotics prescribed by hospitals become less effective. This means that previously treatable infections become harder to manage and more likely to become severe or even fatal.

I find it strange that the meat industry seems to disregard the concerns of consumers. I strongly hope that more and more people will become aware of this issue and that improvements will be made. Therefore, Eskomeat only sources and sells meat that has not been treated with antibiotics for preventive purposes.

Truly Delicious Beef

  • "Eating meat makes my stomach feel heavy" (It's not caused by the fat in meat)

  • "I can't eat meat with marbling anymore"

  • "As I age, I prefer leaner meat"

  • "I want to choose high-quality food for myself and my family"

If you have such thoughts, I urge you to try the meat selected by Eskomeat. I want you, the person in front of the screen, to feel joy and amazement.

Eskomeat selects cuts from various parts of the beef, vacuum-packs them immediately after cutting, and rapidly freezes them for delivery to households nationwide.

We also offer carefully selected antibiotic-free pork and organic side dishes. I hope you will give them a try as well.

Online store

The era of choosing meat based on brands and grades has come to an end.

Please enjoy Eskomeat's carefully selected meat.

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